Pros and Cons of Staging a Home to Sell

Are you planning to sell your house for cash? Do you need money quickly and fast? Then you must be thinking of staging your home. But you probably aren’t aware that staging a home is not easy and simple like rearranging the home items but it comes with great challenges.

Here we will explain to you the good and bad parts of staging a house before selling so you can decide whether staging is the right choice for you.

If you are very new, you should be clear about the staging concept.

What is Staging?

Home staging is a process of changing or altering decor, arranging or replacing furniture, and making your home to the level that gives the impression to the people that there was no one living there. This is a kind of marketing technique that helps in covering great buyers and buying your house for a great price.

If you are never into a decoration or have no idea how to start, you can hire a professional designer or stager who can help you convert your messy home into a new one. Staging a home helps sell faster, attract a lot of buyers, and sell at a winning price.

Pros of Staging a House for Sale

Quick sale

Every seller wants to sell their house as fast as possible so they don’t miss the market value for their house. It is also true that even the buyers prefer houses that are recently on sale which gives them the security that the house is new and should be in good condition.

The homes that are on sale for a while tend to lose offers and interest from buyers which is not good for sellers who want to sell their houses quickly. It is because the buyer will think the reason for a house sitting on the market for a long time must be due to problems and issues.

Now, you can understand how staging a home speeds up selling.

More money

Staging a house before the sale will increase its value in terms of quality and offer. The report says that staged homes with professional and neat appearance sell quickly for more money than those that are not staged in the same market.

If a buyer saw a house that looks ready to move in, it is an added advantage for a seller because most potential buyers like that. 

According to a report, almost staged homes are selling 17% above the asking price.

Cons of Staging a House for Sale


Though staging gives a high possibility to earn more money from a home sale, it can not be done for free. Staging whether you do it or you hire a professional will surely cost you some money. It varies by the square feet and price of the home. The average cost range for staging consultation from a professional is from $400 to $700 which will add fees for each room that is being staged.

Moving Stuffs

Staging a house involves rearranging stuff in and out. You may have to pack up your things like photos, personal stuff, and furniture so they clean and improve the space value.

Here come the problems when you think of where to store all that stuff and how to keep the staging while living in the same house till you buy it. It should be taken care of seriously otherwise staging won’t help you.