Your Quick and Easy Guide to Home Maintenance

Do you have a visit from your homeowners? Don’t have time to clean? Here we come with quick and easy tips to do home maintenance.

Follow our ideas and steps to save time and avoid problems.

It is always harder to maintain despite the size. You will need a routine to follow to keep the house clean and ready for a visit anytime. Regular maintenance helps keep your home in good condition. The simple and quick maintenance steps can prevent you from stressing each time your house owner does a visit.

Let’s see how to handle home maintenance in simple ways.

#1. Interior

Let’s see how to clean the main rooms and living spaces.

1) Living rooms and Bedrooms

Living spaces in the house are where your family spends time with one another. Probably this is where you have television, photos, and comfortable seating to sit and enjoy a day.

It may have sofa cushions, couches, chairs, tables, and drawers.

Bedrooms are the most important places in the home as it is a place that gives peace to the mind. Sleeping is important, so is the room.

You can keep living and bedrooms clean with good organization. In the bedroom start with the mattress, pillows, and covers.

In living spaces, do the floor, carpets, vacuuming, and dusting. It avoids dust and odor.

Check the living spaces are free from dusted unused books, old-fashioned decorations, messy clothes, and other clutters. 

Take a bin with you and go to all the drawers and closets, open it, and take the trash, unwanted, unused things out of it to the bin.

For cleaning, do sealings, walls, pillars, windows, screens, and doors, and then finish with the floor. If you have pets, it is important to vacuum the places often so you won’t get any allergic reactions because of their hair.

2) Kitchen and Dining

Being the center of a house, the kitchen and dining need your attention too. It gives a whole new look to the house when cleaned and maintained carefully. Check and remove the trash from countertops, inspect the fridge and remove clutters. Dust shelves, countertops, fridge, table, chairs, and decor items on the table.

Use a kitchen solution for cleaning the stove, table, counters, and washing areas.

Start with refrigerator, microwave, oven, dishwasher, and disposal.

3) Bathroom

It should be hygienic and clean. The bathroom is the place where all the health problems start. Start checking the sections, take off empty bottles, and unused products, and save space. Check the floors, corners, and dust using a duster, pan, and broom.

Regular bathroom maintenance prevents bacteria from spreading and mold. The earlier note of mold avoids damage. Sanitization becomes normal during the pandemic time. We realized the need for sanitization and cleaning, and how they impact the spread of illness.

#2. Exterior

There is a lot to clean outdoors for maintenance. First, do a check on drainage systems. If it is summer, it is going to take a while. Check if any puddles could lead to drainage problems.

Remove the dried leaves and mud around the places. 

If you have a yard, inspect the trees, possibly broken branches, and remove them.

Maintenance is not always lifting big items, sometimes a little thing can make a big difference. Just focus on removing old things, clearing clutters, dusting, vacuuming, inspecting, and wiping, that’s it.

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